Digital Hollywood. Putting the user experience first. - Quiptel
25 May 2017

Digital Hollywood. Putting the user experience first.

Quiptel CEO Sandip Sarda was invited to speak at Digital Hollywood spring conference yesterday in Los Angeles, on the subject of The Internet, OTT, Media and the Hollywood connection. The panel session was a lively debate with some dominant themes emerging:

  1. OTT presents a huge opportunity for all content owners. Falling distribution costs mean that it’s not just the Hollywood studios that will benefit from the rise in uptake of OTT services. For both independent and niche content owners, OTT services provide the ability to get closer to audiences that have traditionally have been difficult to reach.
  2. The user experience, and in particular, the streaming experience, is critical. Today’s viewers will simply not tolerate buffering. It doesn’t matter how good the content is, if the delivery of it is poor the user will switch off.

As technology leaders we’ve held these views for many years, however it’s great to see Hollywood studios and content owners recognising the opportunity that OTT presents if the user experience is put first.