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Now Brands can launch their own OTT Service Apps – Go Direct

This is a whole new category – where Brand owners like sports franchises, fashion houses and independent producers want their own OTT presence, not dependent on other distribution or platform partners. Together with these Brands, Quiptel provides a full-service, fast start to launch this new way to directly engage with your customers. Add the connection to Mobile Operators who also need to partner to create more Subscribers for their Mobile and Broadband contracts, and the revenue opportunities are even more significant.

  • Engage directly with fans & viewers
  •  Market directly to customers & prospects
  •  Collaborate with celebrities to provide exclusive content
  •  Bypass YouTube/Netflix+ to create your own audience
  •  Control & Focus your marketing spend and messaging
  •  Engage with mobile operators as app distribution partners
  •  Be your own ‘Channel’ & grow your own ‘Network’

Quiptel provides the defining solution for this new business opportunity