Bridge the Last Mile | Quiptel

Integrate Q-Net using our Patented Q-Flow technology

Video Signal Distribution and Management represent some of the major OPEX costs for IPTV, Cable, Broadband and now new OTT Operators. The traditional approach has been to provision these expensive services with CDN providers, but their reach ends at their Edge nodes. Crowding the shoreline with more Edge nodes only adds cost and does not provide any service improvements. However, integrating Q-Net into your infrastructure solves this crucial last mile issue – with improvements for the Service Operators and users alike. Talk to Quiptel about how we can collaborate to create the best of breed video streaming solution with Q-Net.

  • Bridge the Last Milea Unique Patented Approach
  • Makes networks smarter
  • Deliver Best of Breed QoS
  • Deliver Best of Breed QoE
  • Harness customers to just your service
  • No more least cost routing negotiations

Quiptel provides Q-Net,  the defining solution for this new class of enhanced Video Streaming Partners