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OTT delivery is a worldwide movement.

It’s the realisation of a truly broadband connected world. The biggest growth is in video services to mobile devices used by the next generations of millennials and beyond. These new viewers are looking for alternatives to traditional PayTV subscriptions and do not focus solely on the TV in the living room. TV content is now readily available on everything from your mobile to your laptop to your tablet. Viewing patterns are no longer limited by time slots with new ‘binge viewing’ habits already established. All this points to a need for all Operators to work with advanced solution providers like Quiptel who can deliver a wide range of functionality at an affordable price point. Quiptel proves that streaming really is the new broadcasting.

The OTT shift in established Pay- TV markets.

The rise of (Cable TV) cord shavers and cord nevers, in addition to the down-scaling to ‘Skinny (Pay-TV) bundles’ may just signal that all such markets are approaching ‘peak Premium Pay-TV’ as household disposable incomes are squeezed. Recent industry reports highlight how sizable these costs have become and how OTT services now represent a very significant proportion of consumer viewing time.  Combining this with the shift in the fundamentally changing viewing habits of Millennials, Gen Z and beyond, shows that having an OTT service play, especially for mobile devices is now essential for all Pay-TV operators. Quiptel delivers must-have OTT solutions to increase your revenue.

Developing markets show a significant uptake in OTT services.

India, where the addressable market is huge, is a prime example of how OTT services are quickly being adopted in developing markets. This is witnessed by the presence of Netflix, Amazon & Hulu. All are independent OTT Subscription Video on-demand providers, intent on claiming new subscriber revenues for themselves. They are Global players with Global reach, but what is also known, is that viewers want a mix of local and international content, live and on-demand, delivered to a full range of devices. This mix is exactly what Quiptel delivers – providing the underlying commercial and technical platform that enables customers to focus on the business of growing subscribers and increasing additional revenue. Quiptel delivers – best of breed performance in challenging network environments.


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