Cable Operators (MSOs) | Quiptel

Create New Revenue Streams

Building a traditional Cable TV service is an expensive business. Not least in the CAPEX & OPEX spent on delivering the Content and managing the Subscribers. Now Quiptel provides you with an opportunity to extend your reach through an OTT system and service extension that increases your addressable market significantly.

  • Extend your reach from your existing head-end.
  • Reach new subscribers.
  • Deliver your service as an app to multiple new devices.
  • Add mobile services
    • The biggest growing video users.
  • Address subscribers outside your licensed territory
    • Both at home
    • And on the move

Save on OPEX with No New Cable CAPEX 

  • Uses existing broadband – fixed & mobile
  • Deliver your OTT service in IP over existing infrastructure including WiFi
  • BYOD/Bring your own device
    • No new STB costs
  • Connect Mobiles direct to Smart TVs over WiFi
  • No new STB costs

Create new revenue streams with Quiptel