Quality of Experience | Quiptel


Quiptel’s robust yet flexible media technology platform underpins the quality of experience. Experience is a broad term, but for Quiptel it means everything from how consumers interact with a service or product, to how simple it is for you to integrate with the platform or deploy your service.

Integral to the Quiptel Media Platform (QMP) is three patented technology suites that maintain the quality of your output whilst reducing the complexity of service.



Our Q-Flow technology intelligently manages the network connection, making the most of the available bandwidth, avoiding congestion, overcoming poor network performance and maintaining consistent data flow.

Q-Flow simply solves the problems faced by conventional streaming technology.

Tracking media bit rates and changes in data flow between the server and a customer’s device means Q-Flow is aware of buffer times, ping and response times, packet loss and delays.

And the embedded algorithm enables it to adapt to a fluctuating network and ensure smooth data flow resulting in consistent, high quality video. Anywhere.



Q-Nav is a proactive internet traffic streaming and processing centre that instantly expands a server group to improve network performance and output quality.

Q-Nav avoids a complex clustering and administrative set-up by collecting data on connection and processing loads and cached content information at set times. This information is then used ahead of time to be able to direct content requests through a streaming server that can guarantee an immediate response.

Streaming servers can be set up at different locations and will connect with any almost any type of server to create an unlimited streaming hub.



Q-Router sits between a users’s device and the servers, using real-time server loading data to direct content requests to the nearest server with the highest capacity.

Conventional routing systems suffer because using DNS and IP geographical regions means they don’t know if the target site is available and ready to serve new requests, causing delays or is simply non-responsive. Q-Router automatically checks for active servers across all nodes and sites and builds a dynamic routing table. It then draws on this information along with a customer’s originating IP and redirects the request to the most appropriate server, reducing retries, delays and timeouts to improve the overall user experience.