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Consumers everywhere are embracing streaming. Digital usage is exploding, led by the Millennials but followed by everyone. Consumers seek greater flexibility, are often fickle, need immediate satisfaction and ubiquitous access. Quiptel understands the underlying commercial and technology trends that drive this shift from linear to on-demand consumption.

The Quiptel Media Platform (QMP) is an innovative, flexible and scalable software solution that powers OTT services with optimal network routing and delivery to multiple platforms and playback devices. But our technology does much more than that; it removes hurdles, reduces complexity and can shorten your time-to-market.

Our solutions have been developed, improved, tested and proven over many years. We hold numerous patents for our smart streaming technology. QMP is available as a managed platform (PaaS) or through traditional software licensing (SaaS). Run QMP on your server hardware, in virtualised server environments or in the cloud. The choice is yours.


The Quiptel Media Platform:

Enables you to deliver a higher quality, more consistent end user experience.

Allows you to optimise the delivery process of your content to any device on any service through any network.

Enables you to deliver your service to most connected devices.

Delivers advanced features without the need for fast broadband or fiber connections.

Enables you to launch in markets with challenging internet infrastructure without compromising quality.

Improves cost-control by using public rather than private networks.